Doitx Installation Guide

Configure database connection You need to have previously setup database from the cPanel. Here is a good tutorial how to setup MySQL database in cPanel if you are not familiar with this. Login to cPanel by accessing and navigate go MySQL Databases. Create database first. Create user and setup your password. […]

Default Addresses

Addresses are needed when creating new invoices to your clients. It is necessary to engage your clients to setup their default addresses from top right corner under My profile link. Your company’s clients from China, Japan and Russia need to include Street 2 address when setting up their default address. […]

Server Requirements

PHP Version 5.5+ MySQLi PHP Extension Enabled PDO PHP Extension Enabled Zip PHP Extension Enabled cURL PHP Extension Enabled config.php writable Writable Media Folder writable Writable Uploads Folder writable Writable

Editing Config

To edit config file, access  App folder, then Config folder and finally open config.php file. DB_NAME – name of the database you are using for the website. DB_USER – name of the user assigned to this database. DB_PASSWORD – password for the user assigned to the database. DB_HOST – you […]

tinyBiz Demo Details

Super Admin Admin Username – Admin Password – superadmin Login URL – Company Admin Admin Username – Admin Password – adminadmin Login URL – Client Client Username – Client Password – clientclient Login URL –


From Settings->Default Currency you can update the default currency to use in the system. It is advisable NOT to change system’s currency when you have started using this app. Default currency is used when clients are making payments and recording invoice payments. Once you change systems default currency, you will […]


You need to setup Cronjobs Settings first from Settings->Cronjobs->Cronjob Settings Login to your cPanel and navigate to Cron jobs Add the following settings : wget -q -O- Change the URL according to your base URL Eq. if it’s on root domain you need to type only Eq. on subfolder […]

Invoice Settings

Under Settings->Invoice Settings, you can define how an invoice looks like: Invoice Thank You Note Invoice Due After From the system you can set invoice due date when creating an invoice, but when a client places an order from their portal and order confirmation is automatic an invoice is created […]

Payment Modes

To add new payment mode go to Settings->Sales Settings->Payment Mode Payment Mode – Eq. Bank Bank Accounts – Description – Give payment mode description These are used when recording payments on Invoices The following payment modes are offline modes, online payment modes can be configured in Settings->Payment Settings