User Roles

To create new role navigate to Settings->User Roles By default, the system comes with Administrator role which cannot be edited or deleted. Administrator as access to all the features of this system. Role permissions controls what each staff can access from the system. User roles should be defined when adding […]

Email Templates

To setup email templates navigate to Settings->Email templates and change the content according to your needs. The template being dynamic, the items in curl-braces will be replaces by an item associated with the item being sent. You can create proposals, deals, invoices, etc without sending emails to customers. Enabling/Disabling email templates Open email […]

How To Integrate Authorize.Net Payment Gateway on doitX

How To Integrate Authorize.Net Payment Gateway on doitX To setup you need to have active account. Obtain credentials for API usage. Login to your account and click on “Account” on the top right side. In the left menu Account area click on “Settings” Click on API credentials area located […]

How To Integrate PayPal Pro Payment Gateway on doitX

How To Integrate PayPal Pro Payment Gateway on doitX To setup PayPal you will need API permissions. PayPal API Username PayPal API Password API Signature Follow the steps below to get the API permissions Log in to your PayPal business account at Click the profile icon (Profile menu) on […]

How To Integrate 2Checkout Payment Gateway on doitX

How To Integrate 2Checkout Payment Gateway on doitX To setup 2Checkout payment gateway you will need the following details Account number – Private and Publishable keys – To setup 2Checkout, Navigate to Settings->Payment Settings then 2Checkout tab and add your Account number, private and publishable key into the gateway […]

How To Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway Payment on doitX

To setup Stripe, you will need API secret key and API publishable key. To get these, please follow the steps below: Log in to your Stripe account Click “Developers” from the top left menu item of the page Click the “API Keys” sub-menu item If you toggled “Viewing testing data“, […]

How To Calculate Commissions

Commissions are earned from entries. Commission is calculated by (product unit cost * quantity) * (commission rate / 100) Note: Discounts and taxes on invoices are not included. To update commission rate, visit Settings->Commission Rates

How To Calculate Invoice Totals

Each item/product can either be taxed or not. Tax(calculated per company tax rate) is added to unit cost. Sub-Total is a result of sum of totals of added items/products. Discounts are subtracted from subtotal. Final total is calculated by adding Tax to Sub-Total then subtracting discount.


Payments on an invoice can be recorded manually by staff or done directly by client. To record a payment for invoice manually you need to first add Payment modes from Settings->Payment Modes For clients, Pay button is available on pending, partially paid and overdue but not cancelled invoices.


Orders are placed by customers from their portals, or marketer can place an order on behalf of a customer. This feature is available under a product, but this is on basis of availability of the item/product Orders can be accepted manually or automatically based on Settings->Order settings Manual – A […]