EmbedAI Fine-tuning

To fine-tune a model, you are required to provide at least 10 examples. We typically see clear improvements from fine-tuning on 50 to 100 training examples with gpt-3.5-turbo but the right number varies greatly based on the exact use case.

Here is a good tutorial how to train a model if you are not familiar with this.

Training file format

The training file should be in jsonl format.

How to Fine-tune

To upload your prepared file:

  • Select or drag-and-drop your file and click “Upload” button.
  • Click the uploaded file to view details.

To fine-tune your uploaded file:

  • Then click “Upload for finetuning” to upload it to OpenAI for fine-tuning.
  • After uploading click “Finetune”.You can check status by clicking the “Refresh icon”.
  • That’s it. You can now use your trained model.

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