• doitX 25 Articles

    doitX : Complete Sales CRM with Invoicing, Expenses, Bulk SMS and Email Marketing

    doitX is complete and fully functional Sales CRM with invoicing, expenses, bulk SMS and email marketing software that is a great fit for almost any company, small business owners, or many other uses. A tool that brings all important information all together. With its excellent design, doitX help you look more professional to your customers and to public, helping you improve business performance all together.

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  • doitX Clients 4 Articles

    doitX Clients : doitX Addon with Online Payment Gateways

    doitX clients is an addon to the existing doitX app. With this application you can let your clients make payments for their invoices and place orders on products. Again all the entries, invoices, orders, payments and products associated to the clients are displayed on this app.

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  • MyBizCMS 7 Articles

    MyBizCMS : Sales Entries CRM with User roles, Inventory control, Invoices and Payments

    Sales Entries CRM with User roles and permissions, Inventory control, Invoices and Payments

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  • MyBizCMS Clients 2 Articles

    MyBizCMS Clients : Addon with Place Order and Pay with Online Gateways

    MyBizCMS Clients Addon with Place Order and pay with PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, PesaPal, PayTM, PayU Money and mPesa payment gateways MyBizCMS Clients Addon adds more clients functionality to its predecessor (MyBizCMS). Let your clients place orders for your products and services, see their entries and payment records. Now clients can comment on their entries and make secure payments on invoices through online payment gateways.

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